04.11 BALI, Ubud, Temple of Oneness

‘Welcome in the Temple of Oneness. You have searched with your hearts through the labyrinth to find the entrance, the gateway to your own hearts as well as the gateway to the collective temple, which is placed over Bali a long time ago. It was hidden through a maze, and some of the gates were closed, as you could perceive, in these last days. It took all your courage and connection to open the doorway to the centre part, the Holy of Holiest. You are now in my body, which is the Temple of the Grail. It is the feminine cosmic energy, which is able to create. All the people of Bali are now part of me. In their ceremonies they worship me. Because they are part of my oneness, part of my diversity. 

It is at these places, the Temples of the Grail, that battles are fought in other dimensions. Human beings are sometimes only puppets on a string, soldiers in a greater battle of forces between good and evil. By making your own choices and by becoming aware and being conscious, you changed the game. You opened the gate, and not even we as gods can prevent that. 

You have a powerful key in your hands. It is the key of free choice, free will, coming out of awareness. It is this key, that is quickly disappearing, because forces of evil are trying to control human beings on all sorts of subtle levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You might not even be aware of it. This is a danger, which we would like to warn you about, but not make you afraid of, because fear keeps you in temptation of control, of being controlled.

Ride forth as the wind, keep connected, stay grounded, laugh, be silly, and carry the stone of wisdom into the world where it can shine. It is protected within your hearts. This is the Covenant of the Arc, between God and humankind. It is a Covenant between heaven and earth, and you are the rainbow-warriors. Don’t be shy, don’t hold back, trust your path, and be as you are meant to be. We are with you, and we always be, in love and compassion. The Great Mother, the Goddess.’

(Ubud, Ananda, 18/03/09)