18.03 NEDERLAND, Amsterdam, Opening an Energy Field in the Conscious Club

‘As you are aware right now, there is an energy field opening, because you are coming together and your souls communicate on another level. That’s how a door opens towards a greater reality that you are becoming aware of. Like two poles, interacting, feminine and masculine, in service of healing. Because indeed, at the moment there is a lot of friction, a lot of darkness, a lot of chaos and fear in the collective field and people are worried. In this it is so important that you stay connected to this higher dimension, to bring down the realms of light and inner peace, so people can tune into that. It doesn’t need a lot of people; it doesn’t need a lot of work. It’s just this little moment of connection that helps many many people to focuss. Because it’s a higher energy, a higher frequency that is overruling, you could say, the lower frequencies.

It’s bringing a higher point in the pyramid.

So while you are doing this, other people can completely tune into that. It always works very good when two people work together, because then the energy gets stronger. You can do it on your own, but with two it becomes more like a force field.

(Little conversation in Dutch on what there is to do… Ton feels a connection with North Korea, the place he will visit in august, later that year. He feels deep pain and sadness, tuning into that country.)

‘It’s good to be aware that you are going to work with these dark energies. Dark in the sense that they are low frequencies of sadness, of pain, of hatred, of despair, and by connecting to this field, to these dark vibes, you are opening it up already. This is the work and it doesn’t matter where you are. You can always tune into it.’

(The Conscious Club, 2016)

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