36.24 PORTUGAL, Lisbon, The Crystal of Atlantis

In Almosachem in Nicola’s house. We’ll go to Lisbon today and have the feeling we have to open something there, a temple in space and time, to make the heart palpable. 

Ton: I see that one of the apostles went to Lisbon. I see the image of one of the brothers of Jesus, or someone very close to him. And out of his energy came forth the Templar movement: the justice, righteous masculinity (rechtvaardige mannelijkheid), that went down later on in time. I hear the name Joao. Johannes? John? The energy of that person may be again acknowledged, just like Mary Magdalene had to be acknowledged again; me and other people went to Vezelay and the South of France to remember her, and just like that we may now remember that man, that energy. I see him as a man with a sword, een warrior, someone who fights and stands for something, in a god-driven way. A kind of Saint Michael. He feels like the protector of Lisbon, the one that brings back justice in the world, the sword of truth.

“I am here in your heart, waking up to my true potential. I have been waiting underground till the moment I could rise again. I have been scorned and punished and pushed aside for my righteousness, for the true divine masculine energy, that was so much connected and in service to the heart, to Jeshua, and to the divine feminine. But that true masculine energy got suppressed, distorted, corrupted, and the dark masculine energy took over. Portugal has been under the rule of the distorted masculine, either by powerful influences of money, or of dictatorship and violence. 

The temple is still here in energetic form, and you got the key to unlock the energy of that temple. It connects to several places in the land, and that’s why you are circling this area, to connect those places. Because it is an earth temple. It’s an old Atlantean temple, that has been sealed here in the spheres, in the other dimensions. And the crystal of Atlantis has been hidden within the mountain, to keep it safe for future times. 

Open up your heart, open up the temple, open up the power of the crystal.” 

Ton: On the Azores I can feel The Book of Atlantis, and here I can feel The Crystal of Atlantis. 

“Within the sacred mountain. Actually the sacred mountain is the crystal.”

Anne: Where the Moorish castle is?

Ton: I have the feeling it is all of the rock, from Sintra to Colares. It is one word, with is microclimate, with a special energy that makes all this nature grow, that diversity and power. Only the humans now still have to take it in, feed and carry it.

Anne: Ik hear: Bring back the animals. 

Ton: Yes, I also feel the king deer, the swan, small and bigger animals, squirrels…

“The old Atlantean energy creates contained harmony between all species, between the crystal elements, the animals, the birds, the fish, the human beings and the celestial beings. There was an interconnectedness, a cocreation between all these different levels of existence, which created the paradise matrix, the beauty of the paradise.”