36.09 PORTUGAL, Evora, The Message of The Mother of Auroville

With Anne and Eran. I hear the voice of The Mother of Auroville.

“Funny enough this city is also connected to gold. Ev-ora. 

We started small, just from our little ashram in Pondicherry, focussing on that future goal. It was just an imaginary… image that we followed, a vision, a big bold vision. From there people started to travel with us, to be with us. The ashram grew and it became very lifely and very focussed. And out of the ashram came the vision of Auroville, of the City of Gold, a city for the future. 

It is not so much about the physical form that it needs to take, it is more about holding the vision, holding that future. And then it may take many forms. Many people will incorporate it into their lives. So the higher your vision, the higher your purpose, the more people can follow into its slipstream and create their own way of doing it. The more you limit it into an earthly form, the less people can follow. Because in the earthly reality you are much more limited. 

So our advice is: stick to the vision. Stick to that golden future. Hold that sun high above the land, so it can shine on many people. Spread the books and the information you have, because that is your dharma. That is your information, your wisdom. And be an example of that wisdom. Like we were in our lifetimes. Your work is all about healing and about leadership. Because the leaders of the future are healers of the soul. They don’t shun the dark, neither are they ashamed of the light. But they bring them both together, to create wholeness. To create a golden circle of enlightenment. 

Let the sun rise.”