34.06 CONGO, Virunga, The Power of Virunga

‘Tomorrow the 30th of June is indepence day for Congo. Of course that is a political and national moment in history, but it’s much deeper than that. Because there is a power to be unleashed from the mountains of Virunga. It is the power of the earth dragon. It is the power of water and fire. It’s the power of life that wants to come to the surface. It is symbolised by this earth crystal that is in connection with the heart, well it IS the heart of Mother Earth. 

It’s been kept safe at this place, but it needs to be shown to the light, so people can feel her vibrations, people can feel the web of life in their cells and in their bodies and in their hearts. When you bring that earth crystal to the light, people will awaken in their heart and in their dream living bodies; their energetic bodies will awaken and start to radiate. This process has been going on for a couple of months now, because people are becoming more and more vulnerable and open towards other energies. This vulnerability allows this power to be unleashed. 

So this is what is happening to you, Ton, that you are being more and more vulnerable in your body, so you become open to this greater power of the earth crystal. Now this may all sound incomprehensive to you, but it’s a very deep and physical, material process that you have to go through and surrender to. 

Now all of you are preparing for this journey into the heart of Africa, to meet the guardians. Because through the ages there have been guardians, both in spirit and in flesh, that have kept the knowledge of this earth crystal. It is most precious for humanity. So prepare yourself for this expedition of the soul, by letting go of your old world. Nothing will remain the same. 

Look for the Moon Goddess on your path. She will open up the door towards the inner realm beyond the physical mountain area. It’s within these inner realms that you will find the source. 

Seven, a company of seven. Or nine. No, seven is better.’