32.01 NUBIA, Aswan, Great Goddess

Ton ziet de zwarte godin.

‘My dear children, the great cleansing has started. It’s cleansing the soul of humanity. This might result in upheaval and chaos, but actually it’s a very positive process, because it is a healing process towards a new future. The process itself might be uncomfortable, but you rest in my arms and at my bosom. I hold you in my heart, while you travel along the Nile towards the source, through the desert.

So you will go through this proces in a symbolical way. Traveling on my boat, the boat of life, going over the river of life, towards the Garden of Eden. By doing this you bring into existence an earthly representation of the journey in time, the journey of humankind towards a new future. At the same time this is a return to the past, to the source, to the blueprint of humanity. By remembering the past you will create the future. How it’s destined to be.

Stay very close to your own hearts and to your own footsteps. Don’t let yourself be sidetracked in life. Because at the moment you are in full service of the divine feminine. Know that you are supported and nurtured, physically, emotionally, financially and socially. Ask for help. Know that you are also in service of your community and that your community serves you. At Debre Markos (Ethiopia) you will find The Book of Love; it’s a blueprint for the connection between the feminine and the masculine and this deeper love that connects everything. You could call it the fifth element, but basically it is that which is unseen, which is beyond your reality, bringing love to all of existence. It’s this energy that you will bring back to the Gathering of the Tribes, to all the representations of humankind. So it can spread throughout the world.

Rest assured, all is in divine order (and I see now this smile and shining eyes and this bosom, it’s a very confirmative feeling). Namaste.’


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