30.07 INDIA, Srinagar, The Seat of Shiva

30.07 INDIA, Srinagar, The Seat of Shiva

‘There is so much information that we would like to share with you, but we can only give you those parts of information that you can understand and integrate into your bodies, otherwise we would overwhelm you with too much information.

This place behind you on the mountain top is the seat of Shiva. You could call it the crown chakra. It is protected as we said by the mountains and the valley around it. Here we could impregnate the Earth Mother with the energy of Shakti, of the soul, to breathe in the prana, so the matter became animated. The same happens in your bodies, the mere physical becomes animated by breathing the soul into it. The same goes for the whole planet. This is one of the most important places where we put this breath, this prana, this chi, into the earth. When Shiva is opening up to Shakti, that’s when the physical is opening up to the soul. It’s this fifth element coming from the skies, from the other realms, and getting connected to the heart of the earth. 

For this the temple of the four elements needs to be strong and contained. Otherwise you would explode. You need a strong container, as you need a strong ego, a strong personality, to contain all this information.

Your civilisation is at its deepest point of disturbance. It is as if the body is sick, out of ballance, and it needs this higher vibration to heal it. Healing doesn’t come from medicines or surgery, it comes from bringing the soul back to the body and remembering who you are, remembering the blueprint of the original human being, remembering your origin. The moment you remember you reactivate the blueprint of your bodies and the blueprint of paradise. Do you understand how important it is? You cannot fix the whole system by trying to make it better or trying to resolve all the problems, there are too many of them. You will never be able to fix everything on this level. You have to remember the blueprint and then you can fix it – it’s not a matter of fixing, it’s a matter of going back to your roots, looking at it from a higher perspective. It’s seeing that everything is still in perfection, even if it doesn’t look or feel that way. Connect to the source. As we said we are here to assist you in this process.

Now comes the big question, since you are here in this area of the crown chakra, the whole body needs to move with you. So all the people who are following you through your devices, they need to be aware that they are part of this process and that they have to take their place. Some do, because they are very involved, but some are still not aware of the power they have and their role in the whole overall picture. So whoever hears or reads this message, know that you are important. Even if you don’t understand it. You have a function, like every cell in the body has his own function and is connected to the source. All of you together, and then we mean all, are needed for this process of healing. From the taxi driver to the priest, from the crazy person who lost his mind to the professor who knows everything, both the masculine and the feminine are needed in this process of creation.

Are there any questions?’

Is there any physical preparation we five still need to do to contain the energy?

‘Since you are in this higher vibration it is very important that you take care of your bodies, to give them rest and relaxation, so you keep on being rooted in the physical dimension.’

Should we arrange flights today?

‘Don’t worry about it, it’s already arranged.’

Could you tell us more about our blueprint?

‘The blueprint is made in such a way that it was in complete perfection. Your bodies function by itself, the planet functions by itself. The moment your mind interferes, it interferes from a viewpoint of fear or inadequacy and it wants to fix things. But there is nothing to fix in the first place. Because it was created from perfection. How can you fix perfection? Only when your consciousness or your mind goes into a lower vibration you start to think in duality, in this or that, in good and evil. As soon as there is good and evil, the good wants to fix the evil, or the other way around. 

Do you understand that this is the root cause of all your problems on earth? It is that you started to believe in the imperfection of yourselves, you started to believe in your inadequacy, you started to believe that you had to fix your ego. Basically it’s the believe of the mind that things are wrong that caused the wrong things to happen. It’s a strange paradox to come out of, because it seems very real, because it became real. But it isn’t. Just like you experienced during this journey that the fear wasn’t real. It was part of the illusion. So this was exactly the same thing. The mind starts to believe the fear. But in essence there was nothing to be afraid of. 

If you keep on believing in the end game, in the destruction, in the pollution, in everything that is happening, then you keep on creating it. But if you tap into the source and connect to that blueprint of perfection, or that blueprint of paradise, you will download that paradise again, and you will start to create that.

It doesn’t mean you have to close your eyes to reality. You can still see the problems. It’s not a matter of ignoring them or believing in an airy fairy world and closing your eyes to the darkness. It is about really going through the darkness, it is really looking into it, looking the dragon into the eyes and seeing that there is beauty inside. That the treasure is beyond the dragon.’

How do we tap into the source?

‘By opening the heart, because the mystic heart is connected to the source. There is a direct line between your heart and the heart of the universe, which is the source. The mind is trying to intervene all the time, to make it into a method or a theory. But it is not a theory. You have to have this direct realisation.

Here the whole idea of non-duality comes into play. Advaita vedanta. You realise the duality but you go beyond that duality by accepting it all, by embracing everything. There are two parts in the Advaita Vedanta. The first part is to realise you are not your emotions, you are not your thoughts, you are not this duality, this dual thinking. So you have to detach from duality. The second part of Advaita Vedanta is you embrace everything, you are everything, the thoughts, the emotions, but you embrace it from this place of love and compassion and oneness. Realising that the whole universe is made out of so many differences, but in essence it is all coming from this one source. The one source is behind it all.

If you try to understand this, the mind will take over and make the real source into a theory or a religion. You will write it down because you will try to remember it. But then you don’t have the living experience of it, you have a memory of it. 

So the map is not the territory. The cover is not the book. The religion is not the source. You have to go beyond the religion to come to the source. You have to pass the master, the guru, to come to the guru, to the God realisation. It’s not a thing you can “do”, it’s a surrendering to the source. And the source is you. Because you are part of the source, so you are the source as well. There is nothing that can help you, since you don’t need to be helped. You are it already. Just as you travelled all the way here to find your destination, while the destination is inside of you. All along.’

Why is it important that we are physically here then?

‘To come to the realisation that the journey was the destination. You can only realise that by going on the journey. And thus you fulfill the paradox, and the prophecy. Just as mankind fulfills the prophecy by living in the paradox. And coming to the end of the journey everything will go back to the beginning. Because there is no end and no beginning. There is only this moment. There is only the source. Expressing itself in a myriad of ways of love. There is only love.’