30.05 INDIA, Patnitop, The Power of the Nagas

‘Welcome to this sacred place. We are awakening by your presence. We have been asleep through the ages, for the time of transformation to come and to meet you during this appointment in time. The five of you.

This is one of the entrances to the sacred valley. Thus this temple marks the entrance. It was the protective temple, to protect the borders of the area that we inhabited. Shrinaga was the capital, the head of the snake, it’s where the Lords and the Ladies lived in a very ancient time. As we said to hold the Egg, the Egg of Transformation. This is what is connected to the Kalachakra, to the wheel of time. We were masters of the Kalachakra, because we knew how to turn the wheel. Time is one of the snakes, time is a snake that we control – or take care of is a better word. We don’t speak your language so well, because we have an energetic language, which is based on sound and movement.

People started to distrust us, because we had so many powers: powers to heal, powers to change, powers to transform, both others and ourselves, and shed the skin and become another being. Maybe this was frightening to people. First they listened to us, they venerated us, they adored us, then it turned into its opposite.

Then the Great War came, the war between people and the Nagas, and many things were destroyed. This is in a very ancient time. We retreated into the other world, into an energetic level of existence, to sleep till the time would come that you would enter and connect with us again. So we are very happy to meet you in person and to guide you through this sacred land. Here is the power of the Kalachakra, and it is time that the wheel will turn again. 

Now you have to shed your skin as well. You can no longer hold on to the old form of your world and your society. Your world is dying, because it is an old form. We will be here to assist you to shed your skin, to let go of the old form, so you can be reborn again.

The Gold Egg contains the seeds of evolution, the seeds of knowledge and wisdom that is needed for this time. While coming to our capital you will awaken the seeds. 

You don’t understand everything about your existence but that doesn’t matter. We are beyond time and space, knowing how to appear in your reality, or to disappear. Don’t be afraid of us, don’t be afraid of your own power. Embrace it and own it, so you can cocreate with us.

Through religions we have been seen as evil or devillish, but we are neither good nor bad. We are spirits of energy that have a soul purpose of transforming and healing. In that respect we can neither be good or bad. We have to embrace both. This is the time of the Ouroboros, the snake that bites in its own tail, it’s the symbol of time. A time of ending and a time of beginning.

Don’t worry about that which will disappear, it’s part of the shedding of the skin. Just let it go. The easier you make it for yourself, the quicker you go through the process.

You will not find us in the city, but we are still there underneath it all. Kiss the snake awake.’