30.01 INDIA, Himalayas, Awakening Humanity

‘As you are approaching the end of an era, the end of an old time of abuse and neglect of Mother Earth, there is a need for the embodiment of Krishna, embodiment of Christ, and a fulfillment of Shiva and Parvati, the divine marriage. It is these energies incarnated into human beings that are the changemakers, the catalysts for change in the world at large. It is through you that transformation happens. 

It is really about the divine being incarnated on earth. It is not through alien intervention that the world will change, you are the ones that have to do it. People who are devoted to their tasks, to their soul mission, and that can handle and embody those divine energies. You can call them celestial energies or angelic energies, and they were used to be called gods, like Shiva and Parvati and Kali, but basically they are energetic archetypical forms that become more apparent and visible in times of great change. 

You will be an example for other people, as a beacon of light. So people know how to direct their priorities. You set a level of frequency through which others can align themselves to a greater cause, and to their life mission. 

Now all of this sounds rather big and life changeing… and yes it is. (laughs) Don’t worry, the universe has a lot of humour. So it’s always about being human, being humble, being in service of the greater good. 

It’s all in divine order. This whole process, from the fall of men out of the Garden of Eden, out of paradise, to this time of great destruction and change, is all foreseen. It’s all part of an evolutionary process through which humankind went into darkness, to transform this darkness into light and consciousness. So it’s part of a greater evolutionary cycle. 

And you are one of the pioneers in this process. But it is important that you take your role, and not refrain in doubt or fear or laziness. It really takes an effort to reach that high point of consciousness and awareness. So others can follow in your footsteps, as you follow in the footsteps of the great sages and saints before you. 

There is an ancient tradition of Masters and ascended Avatars, that have laid out the path for humankind to evolve into the next stage of human being. Cause this is really what it’s all about: there’s a next stage of being, in which mankind will evolve from Adam to Christ, from duality to oneness, from separation to wholeness. And thus people will heal, the planet will be restored. But it can only come from this higher consciousness that humans will carry and use to restore the harmony, restore the oceans, restore nature. Cause this is the power you have, to create paradise on earth. But it needs to become a conscious power. 

United you stand, and separated you will fall. It’s about the whole family of humankind coming together for one single purpose: to bring the divine into matter, into their bodies and into the planet. To awaken humanity, so it can fulfill its collective mission on this planet earth.’