29.03 ISRAEL, Jerusalem, Eurovision Songcontest

‘The idea and the ideal of the Eurovision songfestival has come from a longing for peace. After the great wars in Europe, this new idea of non-violence, of bringing together, of bridging all dualities, coming together through art and singing, through higher vibrations, was the foundation for this festival – which in a way worked well. Just as the European Union has worked well in a way – it also degenerated.

Now we, as the Council of Shamballa, are very much present in the creation of these ideas. Because we knew we had to take the lead in bringing this higher vibrations of light into a world of darkness. Now, yet again, we’re at the same point of time, that this higher vibrations are so needed, so you won’t fall in darkness again. 

And this is where sound and music comes in. It’s from the same vibration that was created by Bach: Alle Menschen werden Brüder. We invite you to give this energy tonight to the stage, so it can be put into the light. Thus enlightning all darkness. Thus bringing love to all hatred. Thus bringing compassion and softness to all that became hard and forceful.

So when you visualize a heart, in the middle of the stage, and connect that heart to your own heart, that will be the foundation stone for a process of peace and reconciliation and healing. Which is also the foundation stone for the Tree of Life. So a new vibration can enter into the world and be spread for each and anybody’s heart.

Are there any questions still?’

So it’s very vital and important that it takes place in Israel?

’Yes. In the greatest darkness healing takes place. The lotus grows from the mud. So don’t be scared to go into this place, even if it generates resistance or abhorrence. Moving closer to that what hurts, is the best way to create healing.’