25.52 UK, Isle of Skye, The Land of the Hybrides

Portree. Tuning into the land of the Hyperboreans, the Hybrides, to see whether there is a connection between the two, or an old civilisation here.

“The gate of Caelliach was not only a gate towards other dimensions but also a gate to the world of the gods, Asgard, or as the Vikings called it: Valhalah. It is this other world or realm that contains all the wisdom. Like there is a place in Shamballah, in the Himalayas, there is a place on the northpole that contains the wisdom of the white race. Through a war it has been completely destroyed and the gate has been closed. But by your intention you opened up the gates of the isle of Lewis, so there is a direct connection again between the headquarters of the north and your world, where worldleaders come together today.

It’s important to connect to them as well, because you are bridging those two worlds, you are the key between the two. They need to have the inspiration and the guidance from the spiritual realm, to know what they have to do in this auspicious time where one era will disappear and another will begin. You need to have the inner guidance to go through this inner channel, through this transformation time, because it is not easy and it demands a lot of truth. So go through the distortion, go beyond the distraction and open up the gate further to invite the gods, to invite wisdom from the north.

In the land of the Hyperboreans these gates were completely open and Hyperborea was a sort of emanation from that land of north of Asgard. There was no separation between the human land, the divine land and the underworld. These worlds were completely one. You could travel between the three – or actually more – and also creatures from different dimensions met each other. This is where a lot of your Fantasy comes from. The connections with the trees, the mountains, the animals, the fish, the so-called aliens… You have lost that consciousness, that frequency to connect to these other dimensions. But by going into the temple of Caelliach you opened up these other dimensions and the gates towards them.

Visualise Hyperborea as the land it was.

I see a great concentration in the middle, like it was kind of a round land, but there was something very important in the middle, like a big city or sacred center, where many people lived. It underwent the same fate as Atlantis and it was connected to Atlantis. There was a fountain in the center, a fountain of eternal youth. The water coming out of that fountain was divinely encoded and it contained the DNA codes for immortality. Hm, I see… That’s what it was all about, you could live on this land much longer. Life span was a much longer life span than now, because this consciousness was much higher and thus you could maintain reality in a much higher frequency. It was through the water that you could replenish your body and revitalise it. It was light water, water encoded with light. Through the cataclysm the whole land submerged under the water and separated into two parts.”


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