25.39 UK, Schiehallion, The Zero Point in Time

Message from the Galactic Counsel.

‘We are the federation – the federation of Stars, of counsels that are co-creating the future on planet Earth. We are your guides, your mentors, and it is through this energetic way of communication that we speak to you.

You are in a crucial point of human history and that’s why we are so close to you, because it is only in our communion that the next step is possible. The solution for all your problems and challenges on the planet cannot be found through practical actions or solutions from the mind. You have to move to another level, a next level of awareness and consciousness. When you move up to that next level you will see that everything is in perfect order and only from that perfection or harmony, things will change for the better.

Because if you look at it from the lower frequency of the ego – from fear or anger or disappointment or sorrow – which creates the same thing over and over again, it is like you are in a loop of the ego, of the mind. But when you start looking through the eyes of the heart, you will see a different reality, and that reality includes love and wisdom and balance. It is the frequency of the earthly paradise.

So as long as you are trying to solve things from the ego, you will end up with the ego.

When you start solving things or seeing things from the heart, you will end up with the heart. You will end up with love and wisdom and a deep connection with Mother Earth.

So before you do anything concrete you have to move up into this higher consciousness and see yourself and all of creation from a higher viewpoint, that you are the gods incarnated, you are the extra-terrestrials, you are us, you are the Ones that walked the earth.

Spiritual beings having an earthly manifestation, an earthly experience. When you realize that you are the gods incarnate, you are able to understand that you are the creators. Not only the creation. You will be able to shift things very rapidly.

Now this sounds strange to people if they are not aware of these different energy levels in themselves, so you have to think outside of the box. You have to move beyond the rational brain – which is not bad because it helps you, but it is limited in its scope.

It might be a comfort to know that we are out there just as has been told in all the esoteric ands religious traditions, who communicated with us as well. All the sages and all the prophets were having these connections and they called it God or Allah or the Great Spirit or the Angels. The name does not matter. But we are out there, as real as you are down there.

So this is a message to humanity, that we are here to help, that we are very close to you and that in connection with us you will be able to save the planet and save humanity, just by changing your perspective, just by seeing who you are, knowing where you came from and what your purpose is on this planet.

The moment of ceremony in Schiehallion is a possibility to open up a door of consciousness to become one with us, become one with the planet and with the heart of the Mother. Become one with mankind, knowing that you are brothers and sisters of the same race, the human race.

Now there is another race going on and that is the race of time. And time is running out in all possible ways. Just like a clock goes around from one to twelve, on the outer rim the hands of the clock are going very fast, but in the middle in the centre of the clock there is silence, there is stillness. This is the moment of ceremony that you are going to create in the Schiehallion. It is a zero point in time. When you reach that centre of stillness, the doors will open up and the galactic energies can flow to you as human beings, but also to the planet itself, and you will know what to do. You will be guided to manifest the appropriate actions.

Concluding – don’t worry, don’t go into fear nor anger, but centre yourself, opening up the heart with its immense power and vulnerability and invite the energies in, so the ceremony can begin worldwide.

Aho, we have spoken and we are happy to join here in the Whale House to co-create this event, which is long foreseen.’


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