25.30 UK, Glastonbury, The Merlin London Masonic Grid

Tuning into London and the Masonic Grid, with Judith and Agnes.

‘What I hear from Merlin is that everything is going according to plan.

We are very content at this moment.
Things are breaking down, which is just needed for the new to arise.
So while the political system collapses in a way on the outside, there is this new power coming from the United Kingdom. It brings in the masculine power of Scotland, the sword, the sword of justice, the sword of truth, the sword of Excalibur of Arthur.
And it brings in the Grail from Glastonbury, the Grail of healing, the Grail of unification, the Grail of the coming together of all the tribes.

So just as in England the main capital collapses, it will go back to its original place of power, which is Glastonbury.
So something is moving back.
This is also happening in the Holy Land, where Jerusalem, the political system but also the patriarchal system, kind of collapses and moves towards the Lake of Magdala, where the true source is, the true power, the depth.
It is here that the new will be born, that the new will arise from the waters.’

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