25.24 UK, Windsor, The Round Table

In The Whale House with Agnes. Agnes has been to Windsor Castle and planted her stick in the middle of the cross in the floor in the room up there. Ton feels the energy of Merlin.

‘As we have told you it’s about the alchemy of the five elements: the grail in Avalon, the sword in Schiehallion in Scotland, and here you touched upon the disks, the center of the golden disk, opening the treasure. Because as you said X marks the spot. It is down there that all the gold is, that all the wealth is – the common wealth, but it’s not the common wealth (laughs), it’s the wealth of the elite, of the people owning all this treasures. They guard it, instead of sharing it. They hold it in this castle. But the moment has come to share this wealth, to bring it out into the world, to bring it to the people… There’s something rotten in the kingdom.

By putting the stick on the stone you put the key in the hole and you opened the vault of the treasure, the cave. This treasure is like a powerful energy, like a golden dragon, or golden unicorn.’

Ton: I see the castle as a square and a circle within. But there is an energy underneath…

‘… that keeps all the power together. That’s how they could rule an empire. From this very point you could rule the whole empire. This is the same principle as King Arthur has put into place on the round table. It’s this center point, the round table within the castle. But just as things have a beginning, everything has an ending. It’s the process of ending that you are now entering, to release this power, to release this grip on the world, with all this money and wealth and treasure. England is crumbling, but that is just what is needed.

So you have to create a new round table, a common round table for all mankind, where everyone can share the value and the treasure, where the grail of life can be shared with all people, where the sword of justice rules the law and the armies, and where the stick of fire gets inspiration and a connection to the divine for everyone. So a new round table and a new Camelot is needed, where all the elements are honoured and come together, to create this new fifth element, the connection with the divine: the stone.’

Ton: I see a kind of luminiscent stone in the middle. The grail stone. But it is also the kohinoor, the light of the sea, the living stone.

‘… because it contains this very high frequency which shines its light over the whole planet and creates a new focal point, a focal point of awareness. So people can tune in into this higher frequency instead of getting stuck into a technological digital framework, which is ruled by money and by power. There is a choice, you have a choice to root yourself in this living light or to get entangled in the wires of death and control. So this circle is like a compass, it gives the right direction. While you are talking all the leaders of the Western world are coming together for this commemoration.’

Ton: Something is happening today, but what is it exactly? It has to do with Trump’s visit. They will probably go to Windsor castle, something is going on there today. Macron and Merkel will be there as well.

‘It’s opening a door to a new future. In a way the trump card is being played, but in a positive way. He is changeing the direction, but now the powers come together there is a unification and an insight about…’

Ton: It feels like Trump is being initiated into something. He is taken into the position he always longed for, but suddenly he sees the greater picture.

‘He is being initiated into the old wisdom of Europe, which he lacked this far, being a business man only wanting to win. But now he sees that winning and losing is about another game, the game worked out on a bigger level. You can only win if you come together, if you unite. Like Arthur united all the grail knights around the table so they could win together. A bond. A union. The Round Table is the first example and the origin of the European Union – and now you need a greater union of countries all over the world.’

Ton: And today Xi is meeting Putin… and they discuss Korea and Japan. I suddenly see the link between all these world leaders.

Agnes: A lot is happening today.

‘And this was needed to prevent the war: that everyone starts to understand they are part of the same union, the same round table. Only by coming together and recognizing each other, you are ready to enter the next stage of humanity: or destroying each other by fighting each other and acknowledging differences, or coming together as one.’

Agnes: Stepping over a treshold. It’s all happening today.

Ton (later): The day I receive this channeling it is the 5th of June and all world leaders of the western world meet each other in England, in Portsmouth to remember D-Day. We just saw who was there. Of course Donald Trump and Melania Trump, Queen Elisabeth, Charles, but also Macron, Merkel, Theresa May, Justin Trudeau, the president of Greece, of Czechia, of Australia, of Denmark, … Everyone that was involved in the Second World War, as a new connection, a new union, also looking back on the old union that has been so crucial for the peace that we have now – and so in tune with the channeling I just received.


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