25.02 UK, Schiehallion, Merlin Speaks

Merlin speaks: ‘Underneath all this is another reality. It’s the other world. It’s that world that they call the world of the fairies, that wants to express itself. It is this other world of nature and of the spirits and devas that has been lost or has been put into a corner, but wants to have a connection to human beings. So there is a bridge, an opening, between the other dimension – you could call it an archetypal dimension or mythological dimension – and the normal reality. It is because this connection has been lost or forgotten that the Scottish people have lost part of their soul and part of their aliveness and their wealth. Because one of the greatest treasures of this country is this connection to the other world, to this hidden realm: all the stories that are about this hidden realm where the kings and fairies all live. But it’s a reality. It’s not a visible reality, but it’s a reality that is very important for the normal reality.

So you have come here actually to become like a gate, like the gatekeepers, to open up a doorway between the two worlds, to create a space, so other people can travel in and out. So actually this whole house or this island, this whole area, is like a gateway between the inner and the outer world. This is mainly in service of the people who live here, so they start to remember who they are and gain back their self-confidence and their self-worth. So they can own their kingdom again, they can own their land again. They have become beggars in their own land.

So we are happy to connect with you, to bring back this old wisdom and old lore, so the world becomes transparent again and the soul returns to the land. This is about a healing. It’s about a grail, the water of the grail, that heals both the land and the people.’


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