24.11 IRAN, Isfahan, Sofeh Mountain, Message of the Sufi’s

‘Welcome in the heartland of Persia. This was our gathering place, since time immemorial. We, who are talking to you, are the mystics, the Sufi’s as we became known. But basically we were guardians of the old tradition, of the tradition of creation. It is in these mountains that we lived for a long period of time. To communicate with the stars, to communicate with the other realms, as you are communicating with us now. Because the old traditions were not only given orally, or through books or dance, but also through time and space. Through an inner communication.

So we would like to invite you these days to open up your heart. Open up your inner ears and eyes to listen and be in contact with us. So we can talk to you and provide you with the wisdom, from this old lineage of power and wisdom. It is through the times, through the ages that we communicate with all seekers of truth. And thus, people get inspired. To build temples, churches, mosques. To perform rituals. To contain the sacred knowledge, which is at the basis of civilisation and of evolution.

So it’s you who have heard the call to come here. Don’t be afraid to surrender, because it is in this deep surrendering to yourself that you will open up to the universal wisdom. It’s a very intimate process and at the same time it’s always the same. It was the same for us as it is for you now. The world needs this knowledge, especially in times of change and great transformation.

We are here to support and guide you through the process. So ask what you want and we will be there to support you. Some of you will find communication through nature, or animals, or the wind. Some through feelings or your own body. Some will communicate with the stars. But know that everything is part of this deeper process of opening up. Being receptive. And thus you will become a channel for the higher dimensions to be brought down on Earth. Which is like creating heaven on earth. It’s what we did and it’s what you will do as well. Greetings from all of us present.’

(april 2018)

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