22.41 SPAIN, Salamanca, The Power of Joy

Plaza del Corrillo, in Salamanca, near the Plaza Mayor. Tuning in to the European manifestation for freedom in Brussels. We feel an enormous joy in our hearts. 

“One of the highest energies is the divine power of joy, which is a radiant energy. It combines the love of the heart with divine pleasure and divine devotion. It is this highest frequency of the beauty, the radiance of existence, which you can seldom experience, because in the earthly realm you are subject to duality, to struggle, to suffering. 

But beyond the suffering, beyond the darkness, there is this radiant light that shines through everything. It is the highest octave of the human experience, which brings you closest to the divine. This is Keter in its ultimate form; it is the victory over the darkness. This is the resurrection after the death and the suffering in the human form. So you could say it is the risen Christ that has come through the tunnel of human experience to come out on the other side and to see the joy behind everything. 

Just as you are experiencing the light of the sun, you can experience this joy of the divine. Sometimes it is hidden and you cannot experience it at all, because there are clouds in between. But know that this highest light is always there. 

And this is what we ask of you: to focus on this light beyond the clouds, the light beyond the darkness. Know it is there, know that it will always support you and warm you and  lighten you, even if you don’t see it or don’t feel it. You will be tempted by the shadow of the clouds to go into the human realm of suffering. But these are only passing shadows. They are not real, although they feel very real. They are just blocking the sun. 

The place that is waiting for you in Portugal has this energy of light. And it is this that you may manifest into the world, as a continuous beacon of light for many people to connect to, to focus on, so they know where they are going, they have a goal. It demands constant focus and spiritual discipline, but of a joyful nature. 

Don’t make yourself smaller by believing the illusions of the mind, aim for the highest light, aim for the divine.”