22.15 SPAIN, Madrid, Golden Merkaba of Light

Tuning into Madrid, with Agnes.

‘About Madrid: three men, three women together form the golden merkaba of light to contain the curse, but also to free, to transform the curse into a blessing. You’re all instrumental in this process. It’s not about your personalities, it’s about being in service of the divine.’

(I see myself walking in that museum, I see a certain spot in the museum.)

‘You don’t need to be there physically, per se, but it can help. It’s about aligning the energies, bringing them back in the original alignment. Something has been distorted and that is still visible and tangible in the museum. Use water.

Gold is a communicator. It’s been used to communicate these higher energies. So when you connect to gold, or put it as a crown on your head, or you wear it, you communicate with the golden energies of light. So by walking into this place, you start to resonate with all this gold, with these artefacts, and you can transmute the energy that has been cloaked or stuck into its original purpose. So the gold can again be used as a communicator to the higher frequencies. It’s like mirroring, you mirror the gold.’

(Spring 2018)

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