22.10 bis SPAIN, Cordoba, Azahura, Priest of the Sacred Fire

‘I am Azahura. I am from the same tradition of Zarathustra. We were priests of the Sacred Fire, that was used to create civilisations and consciousness. We oversaw the evolution of mankind and traveled where we needed to go to ignite this fire. We also saw it got abused in many places in the world. That people got entranced by this fire and used it for their ego purposes, and became evil sorcerers, evil priests. 

Cordoba was one of the places of creation, one of the centers of civilisation in a very, very ancient time, long before medieval or Roman times. Also in that era there was a fight between the magicians of light and the wizards of evil; between black and white. We couldn’t survive and protect the Light, but it wasn’t destroyed either. It went underground; it became hidden within the soul of people, so that it was preserved through the ages and could be awaked in a new time in a distant future, which is your time. The age of awakening. The time of greatness.

In this time of awakening consciousness there is again a battle between light and darkness that will have to be played out within each individual and within society at large.”

“Hoe kunnen we dat doen?” vraagt Christiaan. 

“Look to your own battle inside. Look at where you are fighting with your own ego and your own darkness. If you can overcome that battle and become a warrior of Light or wizard of Light, you have won the world. There is no fighting outside of yourself. The outside only reflects the inside. What you see is what you get. 
This is one of the things that was the difference between the sorcerers of Light and the sorcerers of Darkness: the sorcerers of Light knew that the world is only a reflection of the soul. The outside world is a mirror of the inside world and there is no way to fight any enemy in the outside world, except inside.
The sorcerers of Darkness used this battle between good and evil in the outside world: they were creating enemies and they were seeing enemies. And thus the inner fight became an outer war. This outer war became played out in the world, age after age after age, until humankind can draw their projections inside and solve them in their own heart and soul. This is what was meant by ‘throwing the ring into the fire’.
The ring can only be destroyed in your own Mountain of Doom, in your own darkness. When it has done that all the enemies will disappear: all the phantoms and ghosts will disappear. They are not real: they are creations of the mind.

I am Azahura of the Order of Light, the Order of the Creative Fire, used to ignite consciousness on planet Earth. We were with many. Now I’m only one, lost in the space of time. This is my message to you, so I can rest and go back to where I came from…’


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