19.07 GERMANY, Berlin, Healing Totalitarian Regimes

On the island of the Spree, in Berliner Lustgarten. 

“All totalitarian regimes are based on the fear of life and basically on the fear of the feminine. They need to control life, give it structure, have power over it, but underneath there is this deep insecurity of the unpredictability, the changeability of life, that everything comes up and dies, that change is the constant nature of existence. You either can go with the changes or you can resist them out of fear. 

In this time of great transformation a lot of people fall back on this primeaval fear of existence. They need control, they need one story, one frame, one structure of reality that they can believe in and hold on to. But basically they are building a prison for themselves. They start to believe in one narrative and everything else needs to disappear for that one narrative. 

The challenge in this time is to embrace the change, embrace the diversity, embrace the unpredictability and the chaos, embrace the movements of the Mother, the Great Mother who encompasses all life on earth. Don’t be shocked by sudden events, but see them as an expression of nature needing to change and transform itself into a new existence.”

Why are we here, in Berlin? 

“In this place are still the shadows and the ghosts of the past, of a totalitarian system that wanted to control all life force, and suppressed the divine feminine in its most ferocious way. So again being here in this place is about honouring the feminine, releasing it from its burden of the past, throwing away the shackles that binded her presence, and going back to the roots of the old civilisation, the Germanic tradition that was here before, that was in contact with nature and with the feminine. 

So connect with the ground, connect with the earth and the water, and find the sacred fire underneath it all, that was burning here for eons, to remember the sacredness of life in all its diversity.”