17.17 TURKEY, Ararat, The Halls of Amenti

‘Welcome to the sacred chambers, the halls of Amenti, where the knowledge of humankind is stored. In a dimension beyond time and space, but connected to this area, connected to this golden city of light, that is hovering beyond and in the mountain. 

It’s the place where the golden light was brought, which cultivates civilisation, which brings the knowledge of evolution. The evolution of humankind, which is in a long process of becoming fully human beings beyond polarity, beyond duality, beyond wars and strive. 

If you go down into the ground, which we invite you to do, going deeper and deeper, you will come to the source. This was the place of initiation, the mystery school for spiritual warriors and leaders that taught the knowledge to kings and queens, to monks and teachers. But they always worked from the invisible area, protecting their golden light. Now the fountain may rise again and fertilise the country, fertilise the people and fertilise the consciousness all around the world. 

Connect all nations, all races, al religions, all animal and plant kingdoms to unite into oneness. Respecting diversity and uniqueness.’