17.10 TURKEY, Ararat, Council of Light

‘My dear friends, the entrance to the Council of Light goes through the gates of hell. So you’re invited to go down, deep down into the earth. But also deep down into places of sorrow, of death, of despair. Because it’s by lighting up this darkness that the solution will be provided for humanity and for all the people that are striving to watch freedom and light. 

Indeed this is a time for commitment, a time for responsibility. You have been preparing the way for so many years, but the work has only just barely begun. The stage is set for the great show and you who are writing the script, have a big role to play. So take your time to prepare, to rest, to gain insight and to follow the path of wisdom. For it is your leadership that will move the mountains in the coming years, to bring back the Great Mother. The second gate has been opened.’