17.03 TURKEY, Ararat, The Power of the Trinity

Tuning into our coming journey to Mountain Ararat.

‘You will work with the power of the Trinity. Two men, one woman. Earth, heaven and the road in between. Three places: Diyarbakir, Van and the mountain Ararat. 

The only way to enter the sacred site (the holiest of holiest) is to tune into divine guidance. Because you will make your path through the earthly plane, but the real road is an energetic road towards the inner core of the mountain. It is like a labyrinth. You will find stones on the path that will lead you there, stepping stones. It might be people, or events, or places, that are like a signpost for you to enter into this higher state of consciousness. 

Because this is the real purpose: to open up the doors of perception of a higher dimension that has been hidden a long time ago. It was secured because it was no longer safe to open the doorway between the higher dimensions of the angelic realms and the earthly plane. Because of the duality of the earthly plane, the high energies were distorted and became war, duality and strive. And thus the divine energies got abused. To avoid that, the doors were closed and the angels were put to sleep. 

Now you are in a time with lesser consciousness and it is only through asking humbly that the doors will open. The power you will encounter is immense. Because the book of Enoch contains the future of humankind. It has a key to your evolution, to your future, as well as to your past. Because you will start to understand where you are coming from, who made you and how you got into existence. This is one of the great secrets in history.

Now it is important that you stay grounded in the higher energies of wisdom and compassion and love. Because it is only from this dimension that you will understand the way things have developed to where you are now. You are the keys; by connecting the three of you, you will open this higher dimensional portal. Many will travel with you in spirit. They will be in direct communication on an energetic level. They will receive the same energy as you will. So this is important, that you stay connected with all who support you. 

The Masis, the Mother Mountain, is the key to your survival as a species, and a key to the understanding of the truth. We who have been guiding you all these years are coming closer to reveal who we are, what our intentions are. The road has not been easy, but we have enjoyed every step along the path. Leave your smallness, let go of your smallness, let go of your struggles and open up to the higher self of who you are. This is where we meet each other.’