15.36 TIBET, Kailash, The Powers of Shambhala

“Beloved colleagues on this side and the other, we are so grateful that you are taking on this work and have followed the call of your heart, and of us, to come together and take on this work in your intent.

We can’t say how big this is, and yet it is also very simple at the same time. That is an art that is not easy to grasp; that you know how to bring together the great and the very human, and not be upset by it. So first of all we want to give you kudos for that: be big and be small at the same time. Because in that the greater plan, say the Divine plan, can unfold itself in being together as people, connected to the divine world. We want to say this first, because it’s so crucial to the job: you can’t deny either one. Once you deny the divine dimension, you are actually out of connection, but if you deny the human dimension, you are also out of connection.

So hold that bridge. Your heart indicates the course. That requires silence and reflection. The moment your heart opens and resonates with a certain energetic place on earth, then you know at that moment that that is the place that calls you, as it were.

It is the earth as a living being, as a living organism, who is asking for midwives to connect with her, with certain functions of her, manifesting in certain places of the earth. And as you have seen over the past few days and weeks, that can have a great effect in the Earth field.

Don’t be afraid of the consequences, both privately and collectively. You are a pawn in a big game and in that sense the only trick is to enjoy that, to enjoy your specific role as much as possible. So let that also be a guideline: what makes you happy, what attracts you?

It is about the line between the Himalayas – the forces of Shambhala now wanting to manifest themselves in the world – and the deepest and darkest point, Gaza. Giza. There is an important connection that has been interrupted and is now opening up again. It is like a river of consciousness flowing to the sea, and all sorts of tributaries cause the river to swell and grow.

You could view 2012 as the moment when the river meets the sea and greater consciousness reveals itself. As it has always been there, but then suddenly becomes visible, like a ship that sees the mouth of the river in front of it. By letting yourself float on that river of consciousness, you are contributing to the greater cosmic field of Christ consciousness opening up.

And you don’t have to do anything other than that, let yourself float. All your efforts that come from the will or from the ego – although we don’t like the word ego – that devalues you a bit. But you know what we mean, if you work from that effort, it becomes like rowing against the current. So let yourself drift to the point where it is best for you, with those people who are right for you.”