15.23 CHINA, Kashgar, The Undercurrent Portal

In the hotel in Kashgar, with Sandra, wondering what we have to do here, and asking for signs.

‘There is a great space underneath this city. Actually several spaces. It is the undercurrent. It is the flow of life. It is a physical space and yet it is also a symbolical space. A symbolical river of life that flows underneath all this what you see. So what you see is only the outside, the shell, the culture upon culture upon culture – how people react and act. But this is not the essence of this place. For the essence you need to make connection to the earth, to the ground, to the river, to nature. Because it is an energetic line that is going through this city, connecting the Middle East with the heart of China. And it is in this underground energy that you can open up the portal. 

At the same time you will find representations of this portal, this gate, within the culture. You can only open it by connecting between the two of you. Opening up allows yourself to your innermost feelings, your fears, your desires, and opening up to the other person’s fears and desires. Thus you become more and more sensitive to the subtle feelings, the energetic lines within your own body and within this place. 

So take it very easy, you don’t need to do a lot of things. It is just being, being with each other, enjoying. Taking it light, taking it as a play, as a play to dance through this town. Searching for the old secret wisdom that was once entombed here.’