15.01 CHINA, Beijing, The Gate of Jade and Immortality

With Jan and Sandra. Tuning in to the story of the Gate of Jade in China.

‘My dear friends, we are happy you have heard our calling. Because we, from an Ancient Council of China, have been gathering our forces to reunite with the rest of the world. We have been separated and suppressed for a long time and we couldn’t share our knowledge – our ancient knowledge of the mysteries of life. 

The Gate of Immortality, which rules the physical body, and the thirteen gates of the human consciousness, is the Jade. In our tradition it is called the Gate of Jade, also called the Gate of Jewels. It is a way of entering into a new consciousness and into a new form of physical reality. This is what we studied for a long time in our tradition. Thousands of years ago these roots were laid out for this sacred tradition, which is still hidden in the mountains of China. It had its connections to the traditions in Mongolia, India and Japan. They were coming from the same root. Later on these traditions became separated and no longer connected to each other, and national wars broke out. 

Your family, Jan, including indeed Dederik and your daughter and stepmother, have knowledge of this tradition, especially Emma. It is her initiation into the role of her soul life. She has a power that is connected to this old tradition, and she reincarnated in the West to have a different perspective on her own tradition and a way to work with it, to translate it to Western civilization and to a world civilization. You are her guide, her mentor, opening the way, opening the doors, so she can walk through, holding the scepter of life In her hands and in her eyes. 

Prepare for this road of initiation into the heart of China. It will be, in a sense, a difficult way, because you have to do a lot of research and searching, but you will find the entrance to the mystery schools by just following your heart and connecting with each other.’