13.14 SYRIE, Aleppo, Struggle for Freedom

Ton feels a lot of pain and sadness.

‘There are thousands of people struggling at the moment, fighting for their freedom, to lift the veil, because in their hearts they have heard the call.

What you started in Aleppo at the temple of the stormgod – connected  to Ishtar, goddess of rebirth, of fertility, of life – this energy, is coming alive at the moment in the whole of Syria. And they are ready to awaken and lift the coat of control and violence. 

It would be good to ask the people to stay connected to the city of Aleppo, to help the people of Syria, so that they are not alone in their battle. At the moment everybody is too afraid to help them, because Syria has a very powerful structure. It is very disconnected from other countries and it has controlled this disconnection for a long time. So people are afraid to really intervene in this country. But they need your help, they need your attention. 

So send this message out to the people who can hear and see beyond ears and eyes. So they can lift the darkness and avoid unnecessary suffering. It is good to call on the goddess of compassion, Quan Yin, to avoid unnecessary suffering. Because freedom is necessary, but let it be evolution. Let it come from love, not from anger.’


Ton: ‘It is as if we keep the portals of light open, so that everything that is liberated, that manifests itself can be connected to the light, and so it can move into a new direction. Instead of aggression it is sent into a more positive direction.’