13.13 SYRIA, Aleppo, Guardians of the Ancient Secrets

‘We are the guardians of the ancient secrets of mothership Earth. We incarnated into this place. And as we say we, we mean you, J. and E.. You are holding the keys to those ancient secrets, that are coming from out of space, as you might call it. Instruments that were meant to be used for the creation of the sacred blueprint of planet Earth. One of them you have seen on the stone, which is the staff, the dove and the snake. But it takes the hand of the Maker to use the staff, to bring peace to Earth. It needs the power of the Maker to implement the higher frequencies of peace and harmony in human development, in the evolution, in consciousness.

Stand tall, stand strong, open you hearts for the inner sun to shine forth. You are called for a sacred battle. It is about the power of the connection between heaven and earth. It is about transcending the duality of heaven and earth. It is in the connection of the spiritual realms to the duality of the material realms, that you create a new reality – in which many people will be able to follow your footsteps. 

You are always working in groups of two, three or four, to balance the energies that are coming with this power. Do not underestimate it, you will be tempted. But staying in this connection of friendship and loyalty, you will be able to overcome your own blind spots and open the golden gate of a new era, that is about to come into existence. It is the opening of the door between realities. It is the opening of the door of perception.

Many young people are willing to go through this door to bring about the new time of peace, flowering on top of the ashes of the old era, that is about to pass.

You are blessed, blessed in the name of Ishtar and Halab and Nemut.’

(Ton: Ik hoor een heel lange rij woorden in een andere taal, dingen achter elkaar. Alsof het één lange klank is, zeg maar, een codering. Ik moet telkens klanken terugbrengen naar een zin en een woord.)

(Ton: I hear a whole range of words in another language, all one after another. As if it was one long sound, a kind of code. I have to reduce these sounds to words and sentences.’)

‘The instruments that we are talking about have been used in the time of Atlantis. They were used to create, literally create life on Earth. But as you know the story: humans became spiritually arrogant and abused their powers. And thus the higher consciousness of Mother Earth in connection with the Collective Council, decided to overthrow the civilisation, because it would be able to disrupt the harmony of the universe in a very destructive way. Sometimes developments have to stop, to become humble again and to appreciate and to be thankful of what is already given to you.

So creation is not an easy thing to handle, because you become like gods. To become like the gods, you have to become a servant of the greater process, not a master, not a tirant. It needs the greatest humbleness to use these instruments.’

(‘Intermezzo’ of voices in Dutch…)

‘We – or we as you, so to say – are part of the first beings on the planet to start civilisation, to start culture, art, agriculture, scribes, language, science. Before that there was a biological evolution to plough the field, to make the Earth ready for a higher evolution of consciousness. We were part of this first expedition or this first contact with planet Earth, to implement the tools of creation. This happened in a couple of places. In the whole area of what you now call the Half Moon: Syria, Turkey, Irak. Also in the area of what you now call Machu Picchu, Peru, Lake Titicaca. There was a download of information and an expedition was set up for evolution in this part of the world. And there was a place in the East, from which Lemuria started to exist, which you now know as Indonesia, the whole archipelago. These were the cradles of civilisation. And from there on evolution evolved exponentially. You throw one stone in the lake and it makes ripples.

Are there any other questions?’

Question: What was the importance of Göbekli tepe?

‘This was the Mother Temple in which many creatures and creations were visualised, created, dreamed. So from the dreamtime, we made many many things. This was a time of beauty. We needed a portal to bring these energetic beings into reality, and this portal was the Mother Temple of Göbekli tepe. So the animals and the beings that you see depicted on the pillars of the temple were part of these creatures.

You have to understand that there is a large reality beyond your reality. It is what you could call an energetic reality, that is underlining your material reality. Your material reality is only the surface of a much larger field. So to bring things into your reality, you need doorways, you need portals to bring them in physical form. This was the original purpose of temples, to open the doors between the dimensions. Do you understand what I am trying to say?

So you are helping now to open portals, doorways, so these dimensions can connect again. If the connection is lost, your planet will be dying. There will be no more food or energy coming from the underlying field into your reality and then things will only deteriorate and die.

So it is extremely important that the portals are kept open and are nourished and cared for. That is why the Venus transit as a start of this birthing process was necessary to bring in a whole influx of new creation energies into your new world. So people will pick them up and it will stay in their consciousness and automatically they will start to align themselves and their work and their relationships to support those new life giving energies.

Cause most of your planet, most of your consciousness is already infected with the technology of death, as we call it. Because it is not a sustainable life giving system that has been created and it will have its effect on the human civilisation in the short and in the long term. It needs a whole change or transition of mind to let people understand this before there is no way back. This may sound dramatic to you, but it is only our care for you and for our creation, because we are part of that.

There is so much to explain, but we can go only step by step. And you know the next stepping stones. Contact the Shamans in South America. Talk to them. Ask them for their purpose, learn from their ways. And you will understand your own purpose in life and the things you need to do in the coming future.

We are closing communications now. Thank you.’


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