13.10 SYRIA, Aleppo, Message from the Sirian Council

‘This is a message from the Sirian Council. As you are aware, we are connected to the development, the evolution of your species. Because we are part of you, as you are part of us, like parents and children, you could say. We take care of you. We care for you. Our hearts are with you in this time of change. So we would like to do all we can do to support you and honor your process of collective development.

Now this is not easy, because of the turmoil it will give in your lives. Outer structures and things will change rapidly in very short time. Yet know that beyond outer structures and outer time, there is an inner development, as you know. It is very important to let people know this inner development, so they will be calmed down and not be frightened because of the upheaval.

Indeed we have been on your planet before as the higher beings that are depicted in your mythology and religions. We were called by different names, like the Nephilim. In energetic form we are taller than you, about four meters high, but we have a different energetic structure. We are not as condensed as you in a material sense, although we can make ourselves visible and tangible if we need to. But it’s not a very comfortable situation for us, because it brings us down into the realm of duality, which is always more painful, in a way, as you experienced in your lives. 

But your experience of this duality can transcend a very basic element of the universe. It is an alchemical process that is taking place, to transform darkness into light. Thus darkness needs to be felt and experienced before it can evaporate and become one. It is us that left you The Book of Oneness and the grail stones, the stones of creation, so your development could start at the earliest times of your civilization. 

Now it’s a time of a big step of progress, in which you will move forward. We are happy to be witnessing this, to be guiding you in this process. We would love you to surrender and accept our help and our support, because our hearts are with you and with your fellow citizens all over the world. As we said, we are part of you, as you are part of us. Namaste.’

Tomorrow morning we are going to the heart of the Citadel. What is the connection with the stone of truth? Is there a special message for us, or something we have to do?

‘We left thirteen grail stones, stones of creation, spread all over the world, so civilization could start to emerge. Because these stones are like beacons of energy and of wisdom. This stone, hidden within the Mount of Ezra, which you call the Citadel here, is the Syrian blue stone of higher knowledge of language, of translation and of communication – also connected to the wisdom of time. Syria was the first place where we landed, where we sought connection. It is here that the footsteps are preserved of our connection, of our common history.

Tomorrow is a day of celebration, of opening the wisdom of the stone, so it can be used as a means of communication between your people and ours. Many many people of humankind will be able to hear our guidance by opening this place. The only thing you need to do is to be a witness of this process, because it is already set in motion. By being there you translate the energies of higher frequencies into a lower frequency, which can be understood by many. 

So the stone is like a communication device. It has been distorted and abused, so it went out of order, out of function. By bringing it to the light, it can be of use for its purpose. End of communication.’