12.02 PERU, Cusco, Black Feather

‘I am Black Feather and I like to welcome you to this journey through space and time –

as we did for time immemorial, taught by our ancestors, who travelled through the same space time. This is the way we communicate to you, with all sentient beings.

We know you are going through a big process of change, because we have witnessed it in our dreams, in our dream time. We also know that your change is our change and that we have to work together in this era of the great transformation.

We would like to share our sacred bipen, our sacred ceremonies, with you, as we would like to learn from your sacred ways, who are probably very different than ours. It is in learning that we can make the next step. We have been separated for a long, long time and forgotten our common ancestry. It is time to reunite again and bring al the colours of the rainbow together. It is time for the Rainbow Warriors to take up their flag. To let their call be heard and to take leadership, because many people need this in this time. It is the time to become visible. Don’t underestimate your role and your task.

We greet you with sincere respect and warmth and friendship. Aho.’


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