11.52 BELGIUM, Arduina, The Green Goddess Speaking

With Niels Janssen. Tuning in to Arduina.

“You have to find me deep in the ground. I was buried alive. I was a priestess of the cult of Arduina, meaning Earth Goddess, Ardewa. With the coming of the Roman legions our legacy, our way of living, was slowly annihilated. First it was adapted but later when we were becoming more ferocious and were fighting against the Romans, they tried to kill our spirit. Our spirit was connected to the Green Woman, the Green Goddess, Arduina. We had rituals and ceremonies on the sacred spots and this gave our warriors strength and passion and connected them to the life stream and the blood stream of the earth. So they knew what they were fighting for. 

But instead there was a whole system overruling our countries, our lands, our forests, and it had a complete different structure. It was male oriented. The legions of the Romans were heraldicly organized and well equipped and powerful. They had another source that they lived by, other gods, mostly male gods. The warrior god Mythras, with the bull, and the bull became stronger than the boar. So in our time there was a huge fight between these two different systems, two different cultures. And as an indigenous culture we couldn’t survive. We were put down.

This has been happening in the Ardennes over and over again. This whole history was repeated during the first World War, the second World War, every time a male dominant system overruled the local inhabitants. This is happening in your time as well. You are becoming infected and dominated by a male power system that is becoming stronger and stronger. And you are like the lonely warriors, the last warriors, that keep the flame alive of that earth oriented religion, the connection with Mother Earth. 

It is important that my story is heard loud and clearly, that it is being told and retold again. So that people start to be reconnected to the ancient story of the Great Mother. Because they are so absorbed with the new system of computers and the digital world and everything, that is going to overrule your countries as well. 

So the work you have been doing (with the group of men in Orval) has been extremely important, even if you can’t see the whole scope of it yet. But that will come in time. You have been working on this sacred spot for years now, it’s coming to fruition and you will know how to describe the story, so that people will hear it and can connect to it. It is not only for Belgium; it is for the whole of France, and the Netherlands, and Germany, and Luxemburg that this ancient story has a power and needs to be retold.

Ride the boar, scream from your bellies, create balance again in your bodies and in your souls. Connect with the feminine, the Great Goddess. And especially you as men, because it will give you the power you need to stand up for yourself, to be focused and to know what you are fighting for. This is of crucial importance for your life, for your survival and for the world you live in. Don’t give up, don’t be confused. Take the axe and the sun dial; the axe is for the warriors and the sun dial is for the healers. 

Be blessed, because my light shines over the hills and the forests.”