11.49 BELGIUM, Nieuwrode, The Healing House of Vossendries

Tuning into the place of Vossendries (Valley of the Foxes), while lodging there.

‘We want to take you back in time, to pre-Merovingian times. Because this was a gathering place of different tribes, to ask for healing and for insight, for visions. It was not a big place, but it was a – you could say – house of healing, where during several ages druids lived, who knew the art of the land, and of the stones, and of the animals, and herbs.

It’s no coincidence that it is called the vossendries, because the fox was the totem animal of the people living in this house. So the vossendries is a place of healing. From ancient times. And at this time it has become a place, but it needs healing as well. It needs to be uncovered. The lid needs to come off, so that the forces that are here can do their work, can provide space for people to come and to receive that healing.

The barn that is here is not so different from the place that it looked like in the ancient times. It would be good if this place became a healing house again. A place where people come with questions, to get healed, to get insights. So it is no coincidence that you are here and that you feel attracted to this place. The nature and the ground and the energy of the place is very suitable for the healing of the soul and the healing of the body. But at this moment the people who are here need healing first. They are the first to be healed, both physically and emotionally, so that they can tap into the old wisdom and connect to the source.

You are here to open the gate, to hold the lid and to release the energies of healing. Go to the barn and open up the gate.’


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