11.11 BELGIUM, Orval, Dagobert and the Merovingians

‘Let me tell you about the history of the Lost Kings, the Merovingian lineage which was lost in time. We were the Fisher Kings. Our symbol was the fish, because we were descendants of the House of David. Please remember, remember us, go back in your own memory, in your own cells, to remember your lineage, your descendants, because it is important that you take up the scepter of kingship in your time. 

We got lost in time. Our memory vanished with the death of Dagobert the Second. Although our lineage went on underground, we were hidden from the official history. In our time we honoured the feminine principle, the Goddess. La déesse maternelle or Isis, as she was called in our time. There were many temples, from Roman times, dedicated to the Great Mother, and we honoured that connection. We honoured nature. We honoured the dimensions of the nature spirits, the little people, the trees, the rocks and the flowers. 

One of the symbols that we honoured, that we carried in our house, was the lily. It became the fleur-de-lis, the symbol of the royal house of France. It was a symbol for the feminine or for Isis. We were in connection with nature and with all the world around us. Our role as kings was to keep the balance with Mother nature, in connection with our people, humankind, and the connection with the divine world, the world of angels, of spirits, of guides. 

This lineage and the connection between earth and sky has been lost, because you lost the feminine principle. The vesica pisces, the womb. You don’t listen to the voice of Mother nature anymore and your society is on the edge of crumbling down, because it has lost its roots. You as men have lost your roots. It is like the Fisher King, who is wounded in his thigh by the spear of destiny. You lost the connection to your male-hood, your manhood. It is time to rise again, to restore the lineage of the Lost Kings, to restore the feminine principle. So the Green Man can return out of the woods, to take his place, to become known. And the feminine principle, the wild woman, the Goddess Arduina, needs to come out of the woods as well, to take her place and to restore the imbalance of your society. 

Now this may seem like a fairytale, like a strange story out of time, which has no significance in your world. Yet, it is of great essence. It is not the history that has been told to you that is of importance, but the history that has not been told to you. That is the missing piece that is needed in your time. We were in contact with that unconscious dimension within yourself, that you are part of. You are only a fraction, a small piece of your complete consciousness. Open your mind, open your heart to the completeness of your soul, of the soul dimension, and remember who you are in this completeness of your soul.

Any questions?’ 

What is the treasure of Dagobert?

‘The real treasure is the memory. The moment you open the door between your consciousness and the consciousness that has been lost – the dimension of the other world – you create a corridor, as created in the movie by the Merovingian (in The Matrix Reloaded). He is the master of the corridor. Your connection to Dagobert, the last Merovingean King, is the corridor to your own lost lineage, your own lost heritage, your spiritual heritage. That is your treasure. And of course sometimes this treasure has been depicted in the form of a physical treasure, with gold. But it’s the gold of your soul connection that is really important, that really matters. 

As soon as you take on your role, remember your role, your work and your finances will start to flourish. As long as you deny it, you will be like a beggar. So take your kingship, take your role and your responsibility to share your treasure with the world. 

This connection between the dimensions was known to the Jewish people, and they used it all the time. They knew about the corridor between dimensions, and they could create gold out of lead, so to speak. They were the alchemists. The whole money system they created comes out of the spiritual knowledge and it has its function to create the world that you now live in. The problem though is that it runs out of order. It has been corrupted by greed, by unconsciousness, by fear, by hatred. All of them are parts of a deep wound, partly in the Jewish culture, and now this whole system has run wild. It is important to return to the source, to restore the system itself, otherwise it will destroy your whole world. 

This is part of the knowledge that you have and that you have to ‘voice’, that you have to bring into the world. It’s to call a hold to the distortions of this financial system. 

Are there any other questions?’

How can we cooperate with the little people and spirits of nature? Because it is hard to reach them.
‘That is a very important question. Because the beings, the little people in the other dimension, are crying out for contact. Because their world is slowly disappearing and collapsing, because they are no longer acknowledged. 
We can understand your question, because the gap is very wide. There is no belief anymore in other dimensions. Or they call it fairytales, or myths. It’s untrue. You may seem like a fool when you talk about these other dimensions. And yet they are the solution to all of your problems. So, be the fool. Be the weirdo who talks about gnomes and elves. Maybe you can use them, in first instance, as a metaphor. Tell the story, cause it is in the story that you can enchant people again. They have lost their enchantment. They have become grown up and they lost their knowledge of their childhood, memories. You can bring them back. If you take your leadership and be true to who you are. It will take a lot of courage and you will be fooled. And ignored. But hey, why do you care? That’s part of the story. All it needs is to be a fool, the one who comes first, and then the rest will follow.’

How can I feel them again? I know they are there…

‘Start reading fairytales again. Use them as an inspiration, as a source for knowledge, to become enchanted yourself. They contain valuable information which you can use for your work. I know it sounds strange, I know it’s beyond your world. But this is exactly where you need to go. You have to go beyond. If you don’t go beyond, there will be no beyond anymore. There will be no future anymore. Become the fool, become the artist.’