09.21 ITALY, Fiesole, The Origin of the Etruscans

‘We are the priests, the druids of an ancient civilisation. We were coming from the East, coming from far away lands over the sea, the Mediterranean Sea, from lands you call Turkey and Iran. We were connected to the fire temples of Iran, to the old wisdom of the priests over there. The Zarathustra wisdom. We were connected to the stars. We were very much in tune with the knowledge of astrology. We found our way by looking at the stars. The stars were guiding us to our destination. The other thing that was guiding us was nature. We used nature as a way of prediction, but also of healing. And we were in close cooperation with animals and nature to know how to build our civilisation.

When we came in this area for the first time by following the river, we found this magical womb, this valley, where life can flourish and exist. The word flourish might be the best way to describe what we found in this valley, the wonder of Florence, as it was later called Firenze: the flowering. For us it was connected to Fiora, the lady of the flowers, that represented birth and beauty. A very fragile, but very powerful energy of Renaissance.

Like we came from our old culture, we wanted to have this new energy, this rebirth of our culture in the East. And we planted little seeds here, into the ground, into this region, which would flourish later on, to bloom in other centuries. But we were taken over by the Romans and part of our wisdom, our spiritual wisdom, was concealed, was kept away. But it had a revival in Renaissance times, when artists, philosophers and writers delved into the same
knowledge, that we planted over here.

The temple of Fiora became the center of this change. The temple, which was up here on the hill, was reflected in the temple down in the valley, where we went once a year in a procession, going down the mountain to honor the goddess of the river, the goddess of flowers, the god of war. We used all the influences of the stars. So there was a zodiac in that temple: as below, as above. It reflected and mirrored the stars in this valley. It wasn’t a good place to live over there, because it was too wet, too swampy. But it was this place where we acknowledged where we came from. We came from the water, from the river, before we landed here.

It is this procession of giving flowers to the land, throwing roses and lillies and all kinds of flowers towards the divine, to give our devotion to this beautiful energy, that we took from our country, from the gardens of Persia over here. We injected our culture into this land long before written history. It is so amazing that the current church is called: del fiore. The Madonna del Fiore, the duomo.

Actually, what we would like to ask you is to bring the flowers back. Bring many flowers back, bring this devotion of flowers back into the church, into baptistery, to honor this
goddess of fertility, of joy and beauty again. So this very male, macho energy of Italy can be softened, so the heart can bloom. Because it is all about blossoming the heart. That is where
the central wisdom comes from. That’s where you connect through time and space to the origin of this culture, through the origin of us, of the Etruscans, and to the origins of the older culture we came from in the East.

We would like everyone to practice this devotion of honoring the goddess of flowers, to bring a new time of spring, of beauty, of art, of the heart, of the earth. The center of the earth connected to the heart of the cosmos. The is the great reunion. The great union of the masculine and the feminine. The Father God and the Mother Earth. This is the ritual that needs to be re-erected, so man can come to his proper place in the heart of the Mother-Father. Blessings, many blessings, may your life be fruitful and joyful and succesful!’


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