09.05 ITALIE, Radicofani, Seeds of Tomorrow

‘Good morning. We would like to be present in your togetherness. A lot of work is being done, around you as well as inside of you. The land is being ploughed, so that the seeds of tomorrow find a furtile soil. You are doing the pre-work, so to say. That’s why you always return to the basis, the bottom, where there is nothing but the elements, the gross elements, from which the construction of the mind will be built.

Don’t be mistaken, you are making al lot of progress, even though you don’t see the the result yet, the fruits of the tree that has been planted. First the basic work has to be done in the realm that is being prepared for spiritual development, because this is what this is all about. A spiritual power spot that is being reinitiated because the land is ready and asks for this. It becomes a point of focus, so to say, an acupuncture needle in a land that is so degenerated into the material world and only values external beauty, but has lost itself so much in terms of religion, economics and finances.

The call of many to return to the soul is getting louder, and that is what you are devoted to, even though you don’t always feel this so clearly, struggle in your own process, and cannot see that your process is a part of a larger puzzle. It doesn’t matter. Though you may not see the way sometimes, we see it very clearly and we want to ask you to trust in it. To trust that wherever you go through, darkness or light, negative or positive, that it contributes to something larger. You could say that a cathedral is being built in the mind and that sometimes you only see that you are burdened by the weight of a large brick. You have to know that that brick contributes to a larger building, even if you only feel the weight of that brick right now. Be blessed!

Go to Radicofani, the next place on the path, and let yourself be surprised by these last few days.

End of transmission.’

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