07.58 PALESTINE, Jericho, The Snake as the Guardian of the Tree of Life

‘The snake is the guardian of the Tree of Life. If you can accept its poison, digest it and transform it, it will heal you on a very deep level. It will heal the duality between darkness and light. And thus you enter into the garden of paradise, where you’ll find in the center the Tree of Life: with its roots in the earth and its crown open to the heaven. It grants you immortality, which means that you go beyond the physical form, the biological form and you enter into the soul region, which is beyond time and space. It’s entering into this other dimension that you will find all the keys, all the answers, to living on earth in this two dimensional space. 

This is what the people in Qumran were doing: they were guarding the Tree of Life. Later on, this Tree of Life became symbolized in the menorah, but in the beginning it was a sacred symbol of the Goddess. 

The garden was the place of creation on earth and the Tree of Life the wisdom of creation. Your whole body is an expression of this wisdom, is an expression of the Tree of Life. So if you go inwards with your intention and visualize this tree inside your own body (from the root chakra going down into the heart of the earth, firmly grounded in the realm of the Mother – and then you spiral up, through the seven chakras, all having a different color, seven colors of creation: red, orange, yellow, green in the heart, turquoise at the throat, blue at the third eye and purple at the crown – and from the crown you make a connection to the angelic realm, to the cosmos), thus you become the full embodied human being, containing all colors, all vibrations. 

The energy from heaven can travel through you towards earth, and from the earth up to the heaven. If you follow these two spirals up and down, you become a pillar of light, a pillar of wisdom, a pillar of faith, a pillar of truth, a pillar of compassion. 

The central key to open up this ancient wisdom is the heart. We like to invite you to connect your heart to the center of this circle, as if you open up a door or a window in front of your heart, and you connect to the central sun in the middle of this circle. In the center there is a sacred fire burning: it’s the fire of creation. You can receive from it and also give to it. See what this fire has to tell you today.’