07.56 PALESTINE, Magdala, The Woman of Magdala

Tuning into the energies, near the ruins of Magdala, at Lake Kinneret, Sea of Galilee. 

‘Look beyond the surface. There is an outer appearance to everything, in each religion, in each culture, in each country or nationality. You have the outer forms defined by time and space. But it’s about the inner experience, that leads you to a deeper understanding of the essence of life, of the flower of life. 

If you look at the geometry of the flower, it leads you towards the centre. From six roads you go to the centre, which is the self. So focus on this self, because this is the doorway to the hall of creation. This is your connection with all of life, with the whole universe. It’s in the space and the time beyond the outer appearance that you can make contact with the divine presence, which is in everything – which we felt in our time when we travelled around as a group of monks or inspired people, to touch upon this inner reality. And it is in your time as well that so many people gather to get in contact with this sacredness, or you could say ‘wholeness’. Because if you are in touch with the fabric, the essence of life, you feel the unity of everything. You feel the wholeness of creation, instead of the separation or instead of the fragmentation or the disconnection. 

Each culture has its own way of fragmenting or creating duality. So your soul gets lost. You don’t know anymore who you are, why you are here, what your roots are or what your destiny is. But if you delve into this sacred space, you will slowly find yourself and open up to this greater reality and know what you have to do. 

So sink into yourself. Let go of all outer stories and connect to your own essence. Even let go of my words or the concept of my existence. It is all just a story, like the surface of water. Go to the bottom of the well, because there is the pearl of insight lying in the mud. It is not important who I am, it is important who you are. So it is not in the outer appearance or identity, it is this inner acknowledgement or resonance that brings you to the core of what I try to say.’

What we are doing is travelling to places to find answers or images for insight. Is it necessary, or can we stay in our bungalow?

‘The outer world is like a puzzle. It can give you some pieces of information. In essence it’s not really necessary, because if you stay close to yourself, everything will reveal itself. But to make the journey more interesting, you can go to places that touch you. At the same time places can obscure you, can dilute you, can bring you into confusion. So it’s the art of bridging the inner world with the outer world. As long as you stay connected to the inner world, you will view the outer world from a different perspective and the outer world will reveal something different. It is in the eye of the beholder where the wisdom is. It is not in the things itself. They are mere reflections of consciousness, mere symbols that point you back to you, to the self.’

We are on a place where I feel there was originally much female energy. Can you say something about it?

‘Well, you can call me the woman of Magdala. But the ultimate woman of Magdala is you. So if you recognise yourself through the outer story, that’s what it is all about. That gives you rest and recognition and quietness of being home with yourself. It is about coming home to the self – and as a woman of course it is important to have the female reflections. So it is easier to relate to that. For instance as a man it is easier sometimes to get home to the self through the reflection of a man. They are examples, they are entrances into the self. 

So maybe as you feel, while listening or tuning in, you get this higher consciousness, this expansion of awareness that you hear beyond the words, beyond the sound. It brings you into your higher frequency of the mind. So you start to listen in another way. You start to listen with the heart. 

That’s what we would like to give to you: to listen with the heart to everything around you. So you will see and hear a different picture than the picture of the mind. By looking with the heart, looking from the heart, you will activate the heart in the world around you. By opening up to the world around you, you start loving that world around you.’