07.52 PALESTINE, Jericho, The Son Of Man

‘When you open the doors of consciousness – as you are doing, all of you in your own way, in your own time – then this collective force field can be manifested. It is the Christ body that you carry, all of you, because it is a collective field. And it is this higher energy of love that you manifest on the earthly realm by connecting with your soul and with each other. This asks from you, all of you, to step over your own issues, your own hang-ups, your own smallness, the things that you complain about that are not fair in your life. They are miniscule compared to the greatness that is in you and that is ready to blossom, ready to open up and show itself to the world. 

This is what is asked of you during this journey from Nazareth, from the birth place, to the sacred marriage in Jerusalem. To step into your greatness, to surrender. It’s in your humanity that your divinity can arise. So while you are accepting your greatness, also bow down, bow your head towards your human nature, your fragility. Because it is in this extreme vulnerability that you can open up, that you are ready to open up for this larger energy that is running through you.

The temple needs to broken down so it can be built up again. But then it is a temple of light, a temple in which God or Goddess can be present. You are the temple. You are broken down and at the same time being built up individually and as a group.

Arise. Arise and spread the good news of the coming of the Son of Man. Which is in all of you.’