07.46 PALESTINE, Jericho, Contractions Before Birth

Tuning into the Healing Conference, in Jaffa with Annelies.

‘Wat you feel at the moment is the energy of the great dark feminine. It’s Africa. It’s this deep power from the womb of the world which is ready to give birth to a new energy, blasting away the old. The hurricane of change destroys all old patterns, all old thoughts, so it can make place for the new.’

Ton: what I feel is contractions, as if the uterus and cervix are pushing to give birth. It feels like sitting in the birth canal en feeling how the body starts moving by itself. It is an autonomous movement. The intention is set, and now the birthing process is taking over. The oly thing you can do is move with it, follow the flow, so that it can be born.

‘So the only thing you need to do at the moment is to just go with the flow. Go with the movement in each moment, to surrender to what is there. Opening up, opening up the gate. Opening up to the light creates this huge container, this field of love, with the people connected at home. It’s like opening up the whole field, because it’s a collective movement. Not only you are doing it, it is something that is done by the whole population here. They all feel it in a way. They all go through this movement. So you are the ones who contain this field. You have to hold the space, but it’s a huge field that you have to hold for many many many people. Your group is not just nine people.’

Annelies: All the things we do with nine or eleven people, we do on a small scale. But what we do on a small scale, is a mirror of what happens on a bigger scale.

Ton: Yes, it is one on one. All that happens here, happens on the greater scale as well. It’s like we are tuning into it.

‘This is what you, the two of you, need to take into account, that you all the time connect this small movement with the big movement. So you align this change. It’s not a rapture, it’s an alignment between the small initiation and the great initiation.’

Annelies: Are some places important for that, in the days that are coming?

Ton: All I hear is: ‘Go to the north, because the birth starts in Nazareth, the birth contraction, the birth opening.’