07.35 PALESTINE, Jerusalem, The Pope of Jerusalem

‘All the lightwork you have been doing over this last decade is coming to a climax. It’s like a wave that has been slowly growing and now coming to its full strength and power, before it will roll on to the beach of the physical reality. It’s like an energetic movement that you have been building up, together with lots of lightworkers, you could call them. Which has caused ripples in the matrix of life on earth. So first we would like to congratulate you with all the work that has been done, which is a lot. And we of beyond the veil are very happy and fulfilled.

Out there is this next fase, this last tone, a chord of a song that will be played out in Jerusalem.
Connecting all spiritual traditions, connecting all esoteric traditions, opening the door towards a new reality.

You have been opening doors, thirteen doors, which all lead to this central Golden Gate in which the Christ consciousness can return on Earth. You openend the gate of the Vatican, the gate of Ararat, the gate of Ethiopia, the gates of Shambala, the gate of Bali, the gates of America, the gates of the Middle East. And all these different gates, all these different colours, all these strengths of DNA of the human matrix, are coming together in co-creation.

Now this opening of the door is a twofold opening. It’s unleashing all the pain, all the sadness and the suffering that has been stored and hidden within the human soul. And at the same time, the highest light, the highest inspiration can manifest, and it is for you to hold both energies, dark and light, and to stay neutral in this process. To watch both sides, expressing themselves, meeting each other in the middle. The key to this process is compassion for the world and for yourself.

In the group of people going to Jerusalem, all these energies need to be present, need to be represented, so they can be melted in a chemical process to become one. Don’t be scared of the darkness, nor be ashamed of the light. Throw off your cloak of smallness and take your positions. The four pillars, the four energies representing the four pillars, are now complete. They are representing four grounding principals, through which an energetic container can be build and created to let this alchemical process happen. You could call them the four pillars of the elements.

It’s also four groups of people holding the space: the lions and the angels, the bulls and the eagles. Ask for help, ask for support for these four pillars, these four groups.

It’s crucial that you share all that is within you, so everything becomes transparant and open.

Because it’s not on the personal level that you will find absolution, but in this collective work, which you have dedicated yourself to: there is your liberation and your fulfillment. Don’t make yourself smaller than you are. Step into the light, step into your greatness and take your place in the great drama of change which is coming in the coming weeks.’

Question: Is the group allowed to do something when the Pope is visiting?

‘At the end of times, both the Kaaba of the islam and the Grail of christian tradition are coming back to Jerusalem. You have been working to make this possible. Just as you created a space for all the political leaders to come together in the Lowlands, in The Hague. Now it is important to create a space, a podium, a stage for the Pope to make his entrance. He will bring the energy back from Rome to Jerusalem. He will carry the Grail and thus fulfilling the long prophecy of the Roman christian church returning home to the source. Thus in the same way, the whole diverging of islam tradition needs to be welcomed home in the temple of the Rock, needs to be acknowledged. 

And so all the prophets from the people of the Book, who have been preparing this stage, this space, are waiting for the fulfillment of their prophesies, which goes back to the time of Enoch, where all this has been prophesied. The darkness will come to the light and will be seen and understood as pain and the lack of awareness. Thus it can be transformed into compassion and love and seen for what it is, just a mistake. All stories of evil that have been created in human civilization, in human existence, are just merely part of illusion. It’s from a mind in duality that these stories started to exist. But as soon as the oneness comes in you, you can see the true character of these stories. They are part of the mind, not part of the soul. It’s by looking through this illusions that the truth can come to the light. This is what Pope Franciscus is doing. This is what people like Rohani from Iran are doing, people like Obama. Shedding light on the illusions and deformations.

You are all important. Don’t underestimate your own position and open up your work to a greater circle of people who can relate on what you are doing. Don’t be shy. But with great humbleness, with great humility. The drops of truth and love will become tangible and an example for millions of people.

Question: Is there more information on the seals of Enoch?

‘They are all predictions and it’s just by tuning into them, into these old stories – which are now happening on the global scale through the film of Noach – that people start to remember the process you have been going through in an earlier stage of humanity, where the same battle between light and dark was played out. The seals are energetic locks of which a few of them are in Jerusalem: one underground, near the source; one in the temple – I see one in the church of the Temple of Christ – and the seal from Mother Earth is with the mount of Olives: it’s the seal of Mary, representing the Mother Goddess.

The seal within the Temple of the Rock is the seal of the sacred marriage, represented by Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The seal under the ground is connected to the Golden Gate.

Don’t be afraid of anything happening while you are opening those seals. It may look strange in the outer appearance. Just know that we are always there to support you and we hold you in our hearts. You can always ask for support and return to this place of light from which we speak, and everything will fall into place.

As you know there is always free choice and free responsability. But carrying the seeds of the Christ consciousness and as the head of the order of the Essenes, you need to be present at the moment it’s happening. As yourself, within a group or without a group, doesn’t matter at all. It’s you manifesting you highest ideal on earth. And who is there or not there, that is a physical problem. But on a soul level it doesn’t really matter, it’s about the right people coming together.

As long as you feel free to move and do what you need to do. It’s all about you, doing what you need to do, group or no group.’