06.45 EGYPT, Saint Catherine, Through the Eye of the Needle

‘Thank you for involving us in your quest. Because at the moment it is a dark time. There are lots of forces that try to control humanity in a bad way. It’s a pivotal time. We don’t want to make you scared but things are not looking good at the moment. It’s like a proverbial camel that needs to go through the eye of a needle. So there is only very small opportunity for change and transformation. This is your work in the Sinai, what you’ve been doing and what you will do in the coming journey. It is this tipping point, which is like a sword placed on its tip, it’s a very small but crucial point of change.

This is not for the masses, it’s not for huge groups, it’s for a small group to do this intense and precise work. It needs a lot of consciousness and balance. It needs to be balanced out. Chaos comes from opposing forces and those opposing forces go more and more into their extremes. So you have one extreme on one side, very much going into control and technology and power and structure, while at the same time there are forces going into anarchy, into chaos, into despair. Those two opposites could lead to war and destruction. It needs exactly this small middle point, this tipping point in which everything is balanced. There need to be a group of people who can hold the balance between the two extremes. Like we said, it is very precise and a work of consciousness.

In the journey to Sinai, you will put the key in the hole, to change the clockwork, to change the timeline, from a timeline of destruction to a timeline of creation.

Don’t be scared by all these movements around you, by all these changes. The only thing you can do and have to do is stay in this middle point, in this very still point. That is a challenge for you, for yourself, for the two of you and for the group that will travel to Sinai. To avoid all extremes, to avoid negativity, or naivity, to avoid crisis, but just to go back again and again to the still middlepoint.

The journey is like one big meditation and the challenge is to stay centered. You can always ask for help to align yourself with higher consciousness, so you can create this middle point, like a vertical lign from the heavens towards the center of the earth. That’s the alignment that helps you to stay in the middle. Don’t get sidetracked by all the movements around you, or illusions or seductions.’


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