06.35 EGYPT, Luxor, Channeling Mary Magdalene in Egypt

‘I walked this land, just as you. I am you, I am in you. If you go deeper into yourself, you will meet me, Mary Magdalene. What you do now as a group, we did as well, we did the same with a group of Essene disciples, we traveled through Egypt, visiting the holy places, to get in connection with our own soul, but also with the world soul.

So if you listen to your own soul, you will get into this place beyond time and space. This is where we are, this is where you are. Cause on a real level, you are in this beyond. What you do together is opening up the doorway to this beyond. Trust that we will be here for you, that we love you deeply and we are proud of your work and the road you have travelled to get here. The more you love yourself, the more you will open up to this deeper level of the soul.

It is the time of the feminine. Not that the feminine is better or higher than the masculine but it’s the feminine that leads the way in this time of transition and birth. It is you women who have to take the lead, to crown yourself. Your journey on the water of the Nile will connect you to the sacred water of the feminine leading towards the source. If you listen closely I can speak to your own mind and soul.

Are there any questions?’

When do we go back home?

‘This is also a matter of the soul. The soul has a plan and it is well laid out. The more you can surrender to that plan, the easier your life will be. Because everything will unfold. It is like a flower opening up. There is no plan, but still there is a geometric law that defines the opening of the flower. This is the same for all of life. It will just unfold by itself, according to the laws of the universe.

(Ton: Ik voel de christusenergie erbij komen, het mannelijke komt erbij.)

You are protected, don’t worry, we are walking right beside you. All of us, holding you and guiding you. It’s in this loving vibration that this doorway is being opened, this golden portal of the Christ. Keep faith, even if you don’t understand what we are talking about. Make connection with the people, because they will help you. The Egyptian people will show you the way.’


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