06.21 EGYPT, Luxor, The Second Pharaonic Principle of Leadership

‘This is the second code of the Blue Nile. Where the first was about connecting light and shadow, this second one is about the Sacred Trinity. The Sacred Trinity, that is at the root of the flower of life and thus of all creation. It is the trinity of Osiris, Isis and Horus. Or Isis, Nephtys and Hathor.

This is a download of the people of Hor, that carried the codes of enlightenment of the Blue People, of the ancestry of Sirius. They were the ones who ignited your civilization on Earth. Which is now coming in a crucial time and space.

A new pattern will be installed into the matrix of Mother Earth, which is based on the Sacred Trinity. It is the I, the You and Thou. It’s a man, a woman and the divine. Because by uniting the two principles of masculine and feminine, it needs the third of the divine, of the cosmic divine principle, to come through this gate of the polarity of men and women, or of the gate of light and darkness. And thus creating a new pattern. Blue and yellow becomes green. But it’s the gold connected to this blue, yellow and green, that brings the higher frequencies in. The golden light of enlightenment, illuminating the royal path of development.

This is the second code of the pharaonic principles of leadership, for those with ears to hear, for those with eyes to see.’


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