06.06 EGYPTE, Aswan, Isis speaks

‘Hear the word of Isis, Great Goddess of seven seas. Seven oceans, seven continents.

I who dances upon the world, creating change, destruction and creation. I am here to tell you that a big wave of transformation is about to happen in the coming years. It is of the utmost importance that you really do what you need to do on a soul level, and that your personalities are serving this soul level. Even if you don’t understand it, even if you have no clue what you are doing in this bigger picture, you need to be serving. You need to be in service of this greater reality. All of you. Because in transcending the personality, only then can you be part of the solution that is needed for the earthly process of Mother Earth that is happening in this time.

Many things will change. Many things will disappear. And you need not be afraid of those things that are going to change and disappear. It is part of the process. It is part of letting go of a culture, a time, an era that has been, with its good sides and its bad sides.

A new era will soon appear, very physically. And it is you, who are midwives, that will guide this process. In travelling to Egypt, you are going to get the wisdom of this birthing process that has been stored deep in Africa. But by reaching Aswan, the great Mother Temple of Philae and Kalabsha, you will bring this deepest knowledge into the awareness of the people, by bringing it into Jerusalem, which is the container of all the thirteen strands of knowledge on earth, the thirteen strands of DNA, that complete the human being in its Christ form. Cause while earth is transcending to a new state of being, humankind will finally take on its role of completeness, the Omega, and enter the Promised Land.

Now these are only words and maybe you can feel them or resonate with them, but the process in reality is much more blurry and chaotic. So it’s important to align to this inner wisdom, so you won’t get side-tracked or bewildered by the outer process. Keep the focus on the inside. Be humble, follow your path and do what you need to do. Accept your greatness, while being merely human. Enjoy the road and keep on laughing. Step by step, the process of rebirth will unfold within yourself, within the greater culture and within the larger field of the world itself.

We are traveling with you all the way. We are carrying. Don’t hesitate to ask for our support. We are the mothers, the circle of grandmothers that guide this process. And that in connection with other councils, that are working for the greater good of all.’


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