06.05 EGYPT, Aswan, Sandra’s Dream about Bes

Sandra dreamed she was in her old school building where she drew a picture on the wall, with some text, and a day later she saw exactly that same scripture in the Isis temple. What does it mean?

‘Booo! This is the demon of the Nile. You won’t get to the holy of holiest that easily. You only get there, if you go through the difficult stages of humility, if you bow down, so you can really get the essence of what it’s all about. Do you understand that we kind of scare off people? Because otherwise the holy of holiest will be contaminated. The real place is not in the temple, it’s in your heart. But it is connected. You can open up by going to the temple in a humble way.

All the people, the Nubian people, the Egyptian people, are part of a big play. They all have their role to play, in protecting the area in a way. So did you enjoy it? It is all for you to learn. To become more yourself. To act and react. To be true to yourself. To not let yourself be fooled. It’s all part of the great game.

I am the demon of the Temple of the Great Mother Goddess. And I trick people. If you are fooled by the outer appearance, then you are really a fool. But if you can look through the heart, you can understand and enjoy the fruits of your work.’

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