04.16 BALI, Ubud, Creating from the Void

‘We are happy to be with you, to cocreate with you, because these are intense times and no wonder that you are messing up completely, because this is exactly what it’s meant to be. It is in the nothingness, in the breaking down of patterns, that the new will rise, that the new temple of the heart will be formed from the void. It is from this dark matter that new life can come into existence, that the energy of the feminine Christ can emerge.

So our invitation to you time and again is to go into the beyond, to listen, to be still and to connect, connect with your souls to each other, to Mother Earth, to the great Goddess and to that which is not able to hear with the ears.

The island of Bali is a living entity, it is an embodiment of the Goddess. When you connect to the physical island with your consciousness you become her. You become a manifestation of the Great Goddess, male and female. So each time when you open up towards each other, this cosmic field starts to exist and to open the gate, the stargate, to let the energies from the cosmos enter the womb of the Earth. Open your hearts, this is your practice, your spiritual practice. Doesn’t matter if you are close to each other or not, can be from a distance, it’s about an intention. An intention to cross the bridge of duality into oneness.

Now there is a certain pattern on the body of the island which is like a labyrinth. You have to go this way and that way to come to the center. In which both the Self and the center become one, the individual and the collective will pulse as one. So follow your own footsteps, trust your inner guidance and know that whatever you do you are supported, because we love you very much for the work you do. And we are proud of you. Now that there are lots of people travelling with you in spirit who will help you to find your path. Honour them and take them with you. Deep from the ocean of time there is a message, there is a power, that wants to be acknowledged, wants to emerge. By holding open the gates of your hearts this power can come. Honour yourself, for in honouring you find the courage to move beyond the old programming of the mind and of the past. Many blessings.’


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