The night is darkest just before dawn; a univeral truth we might be experiencing these days. The actual world events challenge us to keep connected to our inner peace, our discernment, our compassion. The group of people willing to focus on this inner wisdom of the heart is getting bigger and bigger and this retreat is an occasion to meet each other as a big family of light warriors, to get to know each other (better) and celebrate the light, whilst carrying ourselves through the darkness. Because the unifying field of oneness can only be activated by embracing both.

This midwinter-celebration and gathering is meant for all men, women, youngsters and elders, who in some way feel part of this Tribe of the Heart and hear the call to connect on a deeper level, to activate a living community and prepare the coming year together.

In this gathering we teach several principles of energy work and earth healing. The retreat is partly created in Open Space, discovering on the spot what wants to be revealed. This demands full participation and the will to invest yourself and your life themes into the group.

Morning: yoga / teachings
Afternoon: personal work / visiting places / open space sharing
Evening: Questions & Answers session / meditation

Led by: Ton van der Kroon & Anne Wislez
Date: From Wednesday December 20th, 6 pm – to Saturday December 24d, 4 pm
Location: OWC, Bois-le-Comte, Villers-devant-Orval, Belgium
Language: The retreat will be given in Dutch or English, depending on the participants
More information and subscription: www.owc.be



We work with the principles of Open Space, which means we create the program together on the spot.
The Open Space principles are:
1. The people who are there, are the right people
2. Whatever happens, is the right thing to happen
3. When it begins, it begins
4. When it is over, it is over
5. Follow the Law of Two Feet
6. Expect the unexpected


20 - 24 Dec 2023


18:00 - 16:00