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Tree of Life Foundation

Ton van der Kroon has been travelling and giving workshops all over the world during the last 30 years. Most of his healing work was funded by donations. With this financial support he has been able to give traumahealing over a period of ten years to young people in Gaza. Journeys to North Korea, Sudan, Rwanda and Iran have been made possible by donations, as well as the translations of several of his books and works. To create a solid and more permanent base for his work a foundation has been created: Tree of Life. The foundation’s specific aim is to preserve, disseminate and support the development of Ton’s books and work. The inspiring books and texts encourage people to be creative, take responsibility and take personal leadership. Your contribution and support is greatly appreciated, however small or big. Please donate the amount you want to give on the right side >>

About the foundation

The foundation is committed to the public interest and has no profit motive. By means of gifts, subsidies and crowdfunding, the foundation will acquire the income necessary to disseminate, preserve and support the ideas.