25.32 UK, Glastonbury, Bridging the Two Worlds

‘As you are still in the magic, you realize that the outer world and the inner world are connecting. Bridging. And that’s where the magic starts. This is what is needed in the coming time, to bring both worlds together. The world of nature, of fairies, of magic, of the other world that has been cast aside through the veil beyond the mists. It’s time that the world of Avalon returns, the world of wisdom, where King Arthur and Merlin are waiting to return to the island, to gather and unite the tribes.

Go to Scotland, to the north, to call upon the Picts and their connection, because they were a people that were still connected with that other realm. They are needed in this world right now. People who can bridge both worlds inside and outside. Because that’s where the sacred union will happen. Right in the heart of it all, in Westminster Abbey, through the marriage of the king and the queen.

Prepare, prepare for this new ritual and connect all the countries, all the stars of the nations of Europe. Good plan to support the star of England, because she is in the hands of Diana and as soon as Charles will be their king, she will be there too. She will return in another form, through her sons and her daughters-in-law, bringing with her the realm of magic and fairies.’

(October 2019, The Whale House)

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