24.04 IRAN, Isfahan, The Fall of Eden

‘City of the King and the Queen from ancient times. City of the heart, Emerald city. This is where the angelic realms and the earthly realms of the inner Earth met and created a town for the human beings. Ancient world. It is here that the blueprint of paradise is created. The innergarden became the earthly paradise. So here your own cells resonate with the blueprint of the Garden of Eden. This is one of the eight places of creation, where the paradise matrix was installed. The geometrical forms, the sacred geometry, the geometry paradise was behind all physical forms. Eight cells of the human body, eight gates, eight corners resonating with each other, creating tunes of sound frequencies, which were at the base of this creation coming together in the centre. The ancient heart, it is from this centre that all frequencies went out into the world. Welcome to this ancient temple of creation.

The six of you have gathered and with you so many others: a large circle around you that are supporting your quest, to restore the paradise blueprint. Although we say restore it, which basically means remembering. The blueprint of paradise is still intact. It is still there, just merely forgotten. In the forgetting is the distortion. This is the fall from Eden. The fall from Eden is that you forgot where you’re coming from, what your origin is. Your origin is from beyond this place: from the other realms you incarnated here on this planet to create a paradise as an experiment of beauty and love. Two major forces were the masculine and the feminine force. Throughout the ages you forgot where you came from and thus unconsciousness set in, forgetfulness set in, and you didn’t remember who you are, your true origin.

Now as you are travelling through this country you go back through time: back into the labyrinth, back into the matrix. To the beyond, outside of time and space, and you meet us, your creators, which is you. You have to remember who you are, because it is you who had created this place, but by being in it you forgot who you were, who you are, who you were destined to be. So open up to your true soul-being, connect to the angelic realms and to the earthly realms of matter. And start anew the dance of creation, by singing a new song, a song that hasn’t been heard for eons. Within this song are the seeds and the tones for the whole new world, for the new human being, for the New Earth. Place the Arkenstone in the centre of the eight corners. Everything will start to vibrate from the centre.

Follow your feet and your heart through this labyrinth and you’ll find the centre inside yourself and outside yourself. Be blessed for there are great things to come.’


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